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January news
Hey guys,

Here is the news/updates/stats for January.  As of January 12 we sill officially be six months up and running.  There has been a lot of growth in the site since we first started out.

We currently have 365 registered members (97 of which were banned as spammer-scammers, leaving us with 268 "real" members.  Of those, only 67 have contributed a post.

As for the titles, we currently have 1 arena champion, 0 seasoned warriors, 4 Warriors, 7 Greenie Warriors, 21 Warriors-in-Training and 34 plebs. That leaves us with 201 who have never even responded to a post.  (Come on guys, you can at least say "hi".)

There have been some questions and concerns about adding pics/videos/etc. of underage characters/people.  While there is no blanket ban on such material.  I encourage discretion on such topics.  Any for of artwork depicting a minor (or underaged character) must be done in good taste and may not contain any nudity, pornography or otherwise overly-sexualized content.  (I will be forced to remove such). 

Please, also comments about such artwork should also be done in good taste. Any comments that sexualize minors will be removed. Repeated offenses shall result in warnings and/or banishment.
We cannot afford to have our site labeled as child porn.  So, please, keep artwork and comments of minors in good taste.

Also, we are still in need of at least 2 additional administrators.  I am unable to review all of the content and all of the new subscribers awaiting activation.  We have about 10 new subscribers every day and I have to cross-check them with the cleantalk website to see if they've spammed others (most of them have).  It's easy to do, but takes a little time.  The ones that show spam activity get deleted, and those who don't, I am able to activate.

I also need help installing a chatroom and adding video-player plug-ins.  Anyone willing to do some internet research on how to do this?  Remember, this is our forum.  We all need to work together.

Be safe and be sane.
And As Always,
Happy Battlings and a Glorious Death to You All!!!!

I've been getting rid of a lot of spammers and spam, too. I think you're talking to a mostly inactive audience, who are either too scared, too busy or too uninterested to contribute anything or to help. Some of them I've known for years and their way of operating is to maybe post something once a year, if that and or just watch and enjoy others' contributions. Still I guess it is what it is and I'll enjoy what I can and do what I can but it's rather discouraging that they're not as into it as a I am but at times, they seem more into it than I am and it's upsetting to know that they have content that they do not share with this group. Pretty close to being done in a way.
There should be no photos of anyone under 18. In my view, too many images have crossed the line and I won't be a part of that.

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