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Warrior Queen
WARRIOR QUEEN (1987) climaxes with a great scene at 57:15 where the hero plunges his trident into another hunky gladiator's low gut (well below his wide belt, between navel and cock). Right at the moment of impact, Mt. Vesuvius erupts, with the sounds of the dying man bellowing in pain clearly heard.  A great example of an implied deathgasm...even the hero looks "satisfied" as his opponent groans with the trident quivering in his guts.

Fun movie which lifts lots of stock footage from the Steve Reeves LAST DAYS OF POMPEII made two decades earlier.  You can even spot Reeves in a couple shots as people flee the volcano.

- Derek

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Great scene! There is also one scene where a disc is thrown at one guy's and it slices his gut. Its earlier.
[Image: 9658EEB.jpg]
Yes I love this film, there's also a great scene of gladiators swinging on ropes in combat. When one falls he's impaled on stakes.  I like it when the uglier gladiator is slain, it implies it was his fate as the inferior man.
Arm wrestling scene is hot too. Deadly party entertainment with little cleaning up.
Yes but I can't watch about thil video !!!
I have Tubi ... I'm going to watch it!

The guy gets a trident in the guts ,,,
Morituri Te Salutamus - Those about to die salute you. 

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