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  A deadly stab
Posted by: Honaw_6 - 03-20-2023, 08:40 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (2)


I desperately tried to stop the enemy´s sword..but he pushed it deeper..and deeper..twisting it around..I screamed in pain and ecstasy

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  2 muscle guys - combat shootout
Posted by: someguy123user - 03-20-2023, 05:24 AM - Forum: Videos - Replies (2)

A while ago I have commissioned AbsArt author to make a short "custom" with 2 of his guys who act in a few short "gunfun" scenes where they shoot each other. Sort of a a series of small "sketches"

Such a subject is quite unusual for that author (even though there are still a few rare occurrences of combat gunfight among his numerous works), therefore some of the scenes requested for this custom came out better, some worse (or perhaps oversimplified), but I am still happy that at least it was possible for him to film such scenarios Smile

He has also made this custom video available for public purchase (and I didn't mind that at all).

Feel free to support him on such subjects, if you feel you may like them more in the future Wink


[Image: 2023-03-19-22-18-00-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-22-20-31-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-22-18-40-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-22-19-21-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-22-20-00-Window.png]

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  Ejaculating gunfire
Posted by: traxxgalaxy - 03-19-2023, 12:05 PM - Forum: Videos - Replies (1)

Hey - I think this has been mentioned before but have you noticed when a bad guy is shot and killed (whether cowboy or gangster or soldier) he often manages to squeeze off a few more rounds as he convulses into death?  I remember Steve McQueen blasting a guy away in The Getaway and as he fell he fired off the remaining rounds from his revolver.  The same rhythm of cumming - spurt aftet spurt.

Guys going down with machine guns can be even more exciting.  I was watching episode 9 of season 2 of 24 last night (great series for bloody knife deaths and bodies jerking to death).

In one scene Jack has already killed 4 or 5 heavily armed soldiers who go down with fireworks from their guns when a copter arrives - spraying the remaining men who go down with extended muzzle fire.

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  Muscle model arrowed - new AbsArt video
Posted by: someguy123user - 03-18-2023, 01:33 AM - Forum: Videos - Replies (10)

Hey guys,

The "Abs Art" known for their hot muscular models has recently released a small video featuring a guy executed by bow and arrows tied to a pole.
So far the effects and technical execution of the video seemed very impressive to me, not to mention quite an unusual subject for this creator.

The author of these videos mostly makes videos featuring gut-punch or workouts/worships, so I think we can all encourage him to film more stuff like this by purchasing and complimenting him in the video comments on watchfighters Smile


[Image: 2023-03-19-16-28-45-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-16-29-01-Window.png]

[Image: 2023-03-19-16-29-23-Window.png]

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  Flaunting his Gut and preparing for his Seppuku
Posted by: Male Navel - 03-12-2023, 02:10 PM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

This guy is SO proud to flaunt his sexy gut like this, I want to do unspeakable things to him Smile 
This is his channel https://www.youtube.com/@bgbgbud/featured

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  Ex-Jock flaunts his sexy Gut and Navel
Posted by: Male Navel - 03-11-2023, 08:27 PM - Forum: Videos - Replies (2)

There is just NO DESCRIBING what i'd like to do to his Gut/Hara. Smile

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  The fence
Posted by: TheSilverGhost - 03-11-2023, 04:04 AM - Forum: Gun Fight Stories - Replies (1)

It was about mid day in Northern Texas in the year 1888. Peter was working on the farm he had moved into a month earlier. He had built a house, tilled the land, and on this day he had been working since sun up putting up a fence he meant to put around his farm. At tall lean man with short brown hair, bright blue eyes; which were usually hidden behind store bought spectacles. He wore a white button down shirt, jeans, boots, a broad brimmed hat, and a gunbelt with the gun strapped low on his right thigh. As the sun came to its height Peter was getting hotter and hotter. He stopped to take a drink from his canteen, then took off his gun belt and his shirt. He went back to cutting a fence post he had been working on. As he swung his ax down on the wood sweat glistened on his broad shoulders and chest. He was so intent on his work he didn't notice two men riding up on horses until it was too late. He looked at his gun belt which lay by his canteen six feet away.
"Now we told you once that we didn't want any sodbusters on our range." said one of the men as he dismounted.
Both of the new comers wore gray uniforms of the now defunct Confederate Army.
"We went off to war to defend your land, then come back and find you sodbusters taking it over." said the second man.
Peter stood to his full height facing the two men. He looked nervously at the first man as he pulled the rifle out of his saddle boot. The second man drew his pistol and pointed it at Peter's head.
"Let me blow his stinking brains all over the plain." said the second man with a wild tone in his voice.
The first man pulled a bayonet off his belt and attached it to the end of his rifle.
"No, Jeb, that's too easy. Do you remember what we used to do to those blue bellies when we caught them?" said the first man.
Jeb looked down over Peter and noticed the only movement was his belly pumping in and out as he tried to hide his gasps of fear.
"I do Bill, we turned those blue bellies red." said Jeb.
Bill jerked forward before Peter could move.
"Oooohhhh!" screamed Peter as the bayonet sank into his belly just above his navel.
"Make him squeal, Bob." said Jeb.
Peter let out a shriek of pain as Bob turned the rifle, twisting the steel blade in Peter's guts. Jeb pulled their ropes off the saddle horns and looped one on Peter's right wrist and the other on Peter's left wrist. Bob used the bayonet to pull Peter between two of the fence posts he had already put in. Jeb tied the other ends of the ropes off to the fence posts and stepped back. Bob pulled the bayonet out, and shook a loop of gut off of it.
"I don't know which I hate more, blue bellies or sodbusters." said Bob.
"His belly looks pretty red now." said Jeb pointing at the blood pouring out of the wound in Peter's belly.
"I don't think he's suffering enough though." said Bob.
Jeb drew his pistol and fired off two quick shots.
"Aaahh-aahh!" screamed Peter as he slumped down against the ropes that held his wrists.
He looked down and shook his head when he saw two fresh bullet holes in his thighs.
"That's still not enough." said Bob as he drew his pistol and fired.
Peter swung back on the ropes, but looked like nothing had happened to him.
"Good shot, Bob." said Jeb as blood began to pour out of Peter's belly button.
"Just kill me and get it over with." groaned Peter.
"I would love to just leave you swinging there to die and let the wolves pick out your guts while you're still alive, but someone might come along and you would tell who shot you." said Bob.
"On the count of three." said Jeb as he put his pistol back in its holster.
Bob put his pistol up and held his hand ready.
Peter gulped and stiffened as he heard them counting. When they reached three, both drew their guns and fired.
"Uuhllhh!" Peter grunted as he felt the bullets clank together inside his heart.
Blood bubbled over his lower lip as his head sagged down.
"Well I'll be, That sodbuster is one tough little critter." said Jeb as he pointed down at Peter's belly.
Peter's bloody belly still jerked in and out as he desperately clung to life. Bob walked up and slid the bayonet in at the top of Peter's jeans. Peter grimaced in pain and he tried to move away. Bob pulled the bayonet out and Peter let out a sigh as his belly stopped moving. Bob and Jeb got back on their horses and left Peter swinging in the wind.

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  ChatGPT Story
Posted by: Chadzormick - 03-08-2023, 05:35 AM - Forum: Stories - Replies (2)

ChatGPT wrote this story for me through a few prompts. 

Alex struggled against the ropes that bound him, his heart racing as the man approached him with the electric drill. He watched in horror as the man pulled up his shirt, exposing his bare torso to the cold air. Alex's muscles tensed as he felt the man's fingers probing at his waistband, pulling his pants down to his hips.

The man leaned in closer, his face just inches from Alex's bare skin. He studied the contours of Alex's belly, his eyes lingering on the small indentation in the center. Alex tried to pull away, but the ropes held him fast.

The man positioned the drill above Alex's navel, the whirring sound of the motor echoing through the small room. Alex felt a cold sweat break out on his forehead as the drill bit made contact with his skin. He could feel the sharp edges digging into his flesh, tearing through the layers of skin and muscle.

As the man twisted the drill back and forth, Alex's belly bulged and puckered around the hole. He could feel the hot sting of blood welling up, spilling over the edges of the wound and pooling in his belly button. He wanted to scream, to thrash about and escape the pain, but the ropes held him still.

The man's face was twisted into a grotesque sneer as he continued to drill, his fingers gripping the tool like a weapon. Alex felt like he was going to pass out, his vision blurring as the pain overwhelmed him. He watched in horror as the man widened the hole, tearing through flesh and sinew like it was tissue paper.

Finally, the man pulled the drill away, leaving Alex's belly a bloody mess. The wound pulsed with pain, sending waves of nausea through Alex's body. He looked down and saw the gaping hole where his navel used to be, surrounded by a sea of blood and torn flesh.

Part 2

Alex lay there, his body wracked with pain, as the man stepped back to admire his handiwork. The wound in Alex's navel was deep and ragged, blood oozing out in a thick stream. The man laughed, his eyes gleaming with malice as he watched Alex struggle to catch his breath.

"Pathetic," he spat, kicking Alex in the side. "You're lucky I'm feeling generous today. I could have killed you if I wanted to."

Alex gasped in pain as the man's boot connected with his ribs, the force of the blow sending him sprawling across the floor. He curled into a ball, trying to protect himself from the man's vicious kicks.

But the man wasn't done with him yet. He reached down and grabbed Alex by the hair, dragging him back to his feet. With a quick flick of his wrist, he produced a long knife, the blade glinting in the dim light.

Alex's eyes widened in fear as the man pressed the cold steel against his abdomen, tracing a line across his flesh. He could feel the sharp edge cutting through his skin, tearing through his muscle and slicing into his organs.

The pain was excruciating, a hot, searing agony that threatened to consume him. He could feel his blood spilling out in a thick, dark stream, pooling around his feet in a sticky puddle.

The man stepped back, his knife still dripping with blood. Alex stumbled forward, his body convulsing as he gasped for air. He could feel his strength leaving him, his vision growing dim as the darkness closed in around him.

As he collapsed to the ground, Alex knew that he was dying. The last thing he saw was the man's cold, emotionless face, as he stepped over Alex's broken body and disappeared into the shadows.[/font][/size][/font][/color][/size]

Another version it wrote:

Alex awoke to a blinding light shining down on him, disoriented and unable to move. He found himself strapped to a cold metal table, surrounded by strange, otherworldly machinery that hummed and whirred ominously.

As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he became aware of the sensation of cold metal against his bare skin. He was completely naked, his body exposed to the sterile atmosphere of the alien ship. He shivered, feeling vulnerable and exposed.

He tried to move his arms and legs, but found that they were restrained by tight metal cuffs. Panic set in as he struggled against his restraints, but they held firm, trapping him on the table.

He glanced down at his body, trying to assess the extent of his injuries. He was covered in bruises and lacerations, evidence of the struggle that had brought him to this place. But what caught his attention most was the large wound on his abdomen, the result of the alien's brutal probing.

His belly button had been stretched and pulled apart, leaving a ragged hole in his abdomen. Blood and other bodily fluids leaked from the wound, pooling around his hips and thighs. He could feel the cold metal of the table against the exposed flesh of his belly, making him feel even more vulnerable.

As the alien approached him with its drill-like device, Alex tried to scream, but his voice was muffled by the restraints that held him fast. The creature seemed unconcerned by his fear, its attention fixed solely on its scientific investigation.

With a sudden movement, the creature activated the drill, and Alex watched in horror as the device pierced through his skin and tore into his flesh. He could feel the metal biting into his abdomen, cutting through muscle and sinew. The pain was overwhelming, and he writhed and screamed as the drill bit dug deeper and deeper into his body.

As the creature worked, Alex could feel his belly button being stretched and pulled apart, the edges of the wound fraying and tearing as the drill bit dug deeper into his abdomen. He could feel his skin growing slick with blood, the metallic tang filling his nostrils.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pain, the creature pulled the drill away, leaving Alex's belly a bloody, gaping wound. He could feel his lifeblood spilling out of him, pooling in his lap as the alien examined the drill bit with clinical detachment.

As Alex gasped for breath, he watched in horror as the alien reached for another tool. This one was shaped like a long, curved needle, and as the creature approached him with the instrument, Alex realized that the nightmare was far from over.

The needle plunged into his abdomen with a sickening squelch, and Alex screamed as he felt the sharp point of the tool pierce his flesh. He could feel the needle snaking through his body, probing at his organs with cold, alien precision.

As the hours dragged on, Alex felt his body growing weaker and weaker. His muscles were twitching and jerking uncontrollably, spasming in agony as the alien's probes delved deeper into his flesh. He could feel his skin growing cold and clammy, his heartbeat slowing to a sluggish, irregular thump.

The creature seemed fascinated by the way Alex's body responded to its probes and injections, observing him with a cold, scientific detachment that made Alex's blood run cold. He could feel himself slipping away, his consciousness fading into darkness as the alien's experiments pushed his body to its limits.

And then, with a suddenness that made Alex jump, the creature turned and left the room. Alex was alone once again, trapped on an alien spacecraft

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  After a wild night out with the boys
Posted by: Male Navel - 03-08-2023, 12:33 AM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (2)

Wasted Smile

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  big belly 2
Posted by: shank0000 - 03-07-2023, 03:46 PM - Forum: Photos by Shank - Replies (3)

its a new model so theres not much i can do yet.

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