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  The Aussie Boy (19)
Posted by: CHASE - 07-24-2021, 05:24 PM - Forum: Stories by Chase - Replies (3)

How hot! I rip open your shirt, buttons be gone. I"m on top of you, having already knocked you down and out and tied your hands to two stakes on a beach and your ankles to more stakes underneath that. I take out a large pointy metal knife and stick it ever so slowly in your navel, just a touch and some blood hppens, it's that sharp. You start to wake up and your shorts are on, under that hot outtie/innie belly button of nice meat. I jab it in deeper but you gasp, "No, I don't want it that way. I want...let me go and Ill...

"I'll never let  YOU go..."  I put the point to your upper chest, evenly between nipples, which are hard in the hot AUstralian sun.  I trail it down between your nips but cannot resist taking a side route around your nips, uinder your ample musclular pectorals. I outline them with the point, dipping in as hard as I can but without stabbing into the bone...yet...

I then resume to the center, cutting deeper into the softer meat but then I reach with the point...to the place where ribs meet and under that...no bone at all. I dig in, you stir and gasp and grasp. You convulse uipward, your whole body moving up as though trying to have sex with the air. I straddled you and ride your hips rising. "HAHAHAHA! Take it like a warrior,"  I say! I take the blade out and then re-dig it just under where I was before. I dig down down down down and line it along your skin but with a lighter touch now. I lift it out of you and then restab you HARDER ! THIS TIME! HARDER yOUR DICK under me rising and rising as your hips lower from the paint. Your massive chest heaves. I see it heave 

"Can't have that!"

I take the blade out of your mid abs and stab in between your pecs in a new spot. I juggle the knife down and down without taking it out and along a new fleshy area of muscle. I find the navel and the ridge. I cut through the hard ridge adn find it takes me along time to get through it...hard ringed navel! But finally cutting through the ridge, I find the soft fleshy center and the erogenous point so I stab in, through the back wall, gutting,cutting, "HOw you like being ripped, you sure are ripped now!"


"Die slow-like!"  I stab through the back wall and deeper. "You're cut! Shredded!"  I twist the blade and the navel twisted round itself, intestine surely managled in and up and down.

Your dick is ready to shoot but you squeeze your balls so as to  hold the cum in them! I then jiggle the knife out of the ridge so that it slowlly find a path down the bottom ridge, cuts it, bisects it and then I move it slower...to the top of the wasitband, past the hunk of boy flesh beneath navel, a large expanse of peach and muscle and man flesh. I make the point stop at the wasist band, then dip a bit under it, then slowly move it to the right, 

You underneath stir, your dick hittting me in the back, I feel the wet pre cum trail moving along my back muscles as you stir some more and your thick vein grows against me...I jerk, my own dick moving against your chest muscles, covering in blood and flesh...

I move the blade sideways along  yhoru wasit band, making a nice line of red between your abs, I then slowly move it bak the other way, cutting your six pack in lines, just like one sees on the ab msucle boards in gyms. I outline your entire sexy six pack with the point, not cutting deep enough yet but then I redo the entire thing deeper, take it out and then do it a thirdtime deeper. I cut into your navel again for my pleasure and then take the blade out. I wastch my handiswork as you squirm and shiver and shake. Your dick erupts u p my back and I feel the cum spaslh onto the back of my neck, my hair and see it fly over my head as thrust aafter thrust of your overload spills overhead, lands on your own niiples, your own belly, mixing iwth the pools of blood there.   

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  NATAI: pre columbus Native
Posted by: CHASE - 07-24-2021, 05:21 PM - Forum: Stories by Chase - No Replies

fOUND THIS OLD STORY from maybe around 2008 or earlier? thought some of you might like it

Sweat covered his smooth body, lingering on his lower hips, bony, brash, hardy. He laid across his next conquered enemy, one older than himself. Most of his own tribe didn't kill each and every time but he did. He relished it. It was his one flaw. He was smooth skinned, long black haired, and with olive green eyes. A loin cloth was all he wore, a string holding the back piece and front piece together, showing all the skin possible without being bare. He straddled his fallen enemy and struggled to keep the larger boy from getting up. The boy under him had good abdominals, an eight pack which threatened strength against his thighs. He grunted in unison with conquest and raised his knife up over the nearly bare boy. He, too, was in a leather loin cloth, a knife in his hand. Instead of a dropping it down into the navel, he slowly moved it and laid his upper body on the body of the victim, bringing up the knife in his right hand and squeezing it between them. The cold steel against hot sweat made both of them quiver. A good feeling. Natai liked the feeling as hard flesh surrounded his steel blade. It became a part of the boy beneath him. Natai had just become a warrior, had passed his test of manhood and his vision quest. He was near perfect for any of his tribe, even the chiefs but they all considered his one flaw:he had a bloodthirst for stabbing his enemys in their deepset or outtie navels and would cum while doing it. Like he is now, Sun-That-Sets, his best friend, noted. Sun had knocked two rivals off their horses and watched as their fled, not wanting to get into it with Natai. Sun was the same age as Natai and he watched now in awe. What was it about him? Why'd he like this? He saw Natai lean his head down and the two were chest to chest now, throbbing with energy and grunting with forces beyond reason. Sun watched, not smiling, not frowning. Just to see. It was something that drew the attention. He could see the glint of the blade slip into that tight belly under his svelt pal. Vanish into the canyon that was once an umbiblical cord. Both boys bucked up like a horse trying to throw someone. Hips went up. Natai's back, bare and covered in sweat went with it, slick with sweat and vee back muscles.
Sun thought back to the first time his friend told him of this fetish. How it came to be:
"I was alone, my first war party really. I was watching the horses for the older warriors. It was roughly routine, no problems. In fact, I didn't think I would really like to kill another at all. Sun, was I wrong. What I didn't know, besides that, was that while the war party was off trying to gain back the stolen goods, was that two of the other tribe's boys, proving their manhood as was I, in their first war party, had sent themselves around the field and came to my area. They took me unaware. They looked a lot like me. Long black hair, bare tanned red skin, dark, dark eyes. Of course, I didn't see all of them at first. One grabbed me from behind. He moved so quietly as to not disturb the horses. He was sleek and swift, the same size as I, muscled. He took my arms from behind and held them tightly, put his hands through my arms and grabbed the front of my body to hold just above my navel more toward my ribs. I moved, bent really but another was in front of me, his knife gleaming in the hot sun. I moved my head back down in order to break free but it was too late. Just the point of the knife was in my ample navel now. I almost bent into it. I could feel it near my knob and my thick ridge. And to my fascination--I LIKED FEELING IT THERE. Knowing that someone was attached to it, his arm ready to take my life, take me, give me the feeling more and more. It just excited me and the one in front of me knew it. He had a slight trace of a smile on his face. The one behind me, his hands, strong and boyish, tightening on my own muscle, soft but also hard at the same time, definitely all three of us smooth boys. I moved the one behind me a bit back. The one in front followed with the blade and it slid in more. I was amazed at how easily it slid in and knew my muscles, not really as hard as I would have liked, would not stop it at all. Yet i liked it more and more. That thing moving straight into me as I outstretched back a bit but was forcibly held back into position by the one behind me. I heard him laugh a bit and could feel the sweat on his chest on my back as he held me closer and closer. The one in front took the knife grip in and in and in. Straight in. That line that went from his hand to my innards was just so...so erotic, so alive and so full of feeling. There was no feeling like that could make someone feel so alive and yet having life ebbing at the same time. It made me aware of my insides and the grip they had on the cold steel even as the one stabbing my navel had on it, his fist tightening even more as it found my belly around my button. The blade went all the way in and I tightened my stomach and felt even better. I looked down to see what could feel so good and saw the knife inch out a bit and back in, back out almost fully and then slide back in. Perpincidular. Below, my member was at full erection, seven inches high, out of my loin cloth and the front one grabbed it and swang it a few times before offing his hand away from it at the same time as he swiftly ejected the knife from my belly. A swish of air out. From my hole. From my mouth. From a grunt out of the boy stickin me. And the one behind me, let me go to see this from the front. The front one must have been afraid for he seemed to say something about this to the one from behind. The one behind me, now in front also, had a set of abs like I had never seen. He expressed that he knew it was safe. I was a goner, I couldn't fight back. He now had out his knife also and moved at me to enlarge the hole in my navel. I gripped his shoulders as he came on me, in both ways. His other hand was on his own member. The other one, the first one who had stuck me, was relieving himself as my groans and joy urges came out of my mouth. My face was buried in the second one's chest, a massive affair, his pecs highlighted by hard nips, dark and solid, a manly thing. Yet not a man. For all of us were young. I felt the knife, or made the knife a part of myself as it coursed through me. Arrggghhh! Stratching my back with his free hand from the estcasy, the one sticking me now drove it in all the way, left it there with his hand on it for 30 seconds or longer and pushed my back into him. He lowered his head to my left shoulder as I lifted mine from his chest and moaned loudly, "Gawaaaaaakkkkkkahhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh, mooaaaahrreee."
He obliged and pulled it out and drove it in, a few more times. My stomach, a mess, fell back with the rest of me and I was on my back. Both boys put their moccasins on my hips to hold me down. A discarded spear was drawn by one, or both at the same time and slowly, ever so slowly, delicioiusly lowered into my navel hold and swished around at different angles, not straight in so that other bits of flesh that used to be offshooting from my navel into the upper, sides, and lower ridges were cut and deeply so. I bucked. The spear was slowly pulled out and the boys went about stealing the ponies. My body rolled over and over and I landed on my stomach. I came up into the mess that was once my stomach and I as I did, I turned over and the cum cam onto my belly. I felt myself die and was gone but the cam glew and glew and suddenly I was back to looking down at my belly--it was not butchered as badly. I could hear the youths moving off with the ponies. The cum filled my bloody belly but waiting, I noticed the blood was gone, only the whiteness of the chunks my dick blew onto my curvy abs. Soon the navel was whole again. It looked a bit different, a few scars maybe. It almost seemed to be someone else's navel. Cool. I didn't try to move but found I could when a lizard jumped up onto my bare tan belly. I swat it off and stood up. I felt my abs: I was healed. Totally. My dick was still with cum and I flung it off and redid my loin cloth. I knew I had to recover those horses before our war party came back with our goods. I found the spear, still bloody with my own blood and licked it off. I could use this I told myself..."
Sun came back to the present. This memory of this story, this story indeed, always made him hard with pre cum slipping out his head and droluping around his ample mushroomic head, "Natai, are you done yet?"
Natai came onto the bucking warrior and as he did, used his knife in the tight abs as a lever, a stick shift to hold onto. He twisted and the intense groans grew even more pained from the one beneath Natai. Natai moaned, "Die. You were good but not as good as I. Now feel your death. Enjoy it, warrior as I have." Natai stood, a long line of cum attached from the belly of the kicking warrior, "I wanted to enjoy his death throes some more."
"Well, come on."
"That's the idea." Natai broke the line of cum and hopped back onto the dying warrior, who finally rested still. Natai bucked more and more and then released another shot, long and riverlike, covering the warrior's chest. Then he stood again. "He'll come back to life in a few moments. Then we take him as one of ours."
"You play it too close."
"I know. You like to watch, I know that too."
"Some day," Sun smiled.
"Yes, I hope so, too," Natai smiled as his cum settled into the abs of the dead warrior, ready to bring him back to life.
Sun recalled the rest of the story of Natai's first "death" and his first "kill"....

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  set 35
Posted by: eroticus - 07-24-2021, 01:27 PM - Forum: Works of Eroticus - Replies (4)









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  set 34
Posted by: eroticus - 07-24-2021, 12:58 PM - Forum: Works of Eroticus - Replies (1)







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  set 33
Posted by: eroticus - 07-24-2021, 12:53 PM - Forum: Works of Eroticus - Replies (1)







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  Paris Trip
Posted by: TheSilverGhost - 07-24-2021, 12:35 AM - Forum: Killer Stories - Replies (1)

The setting is Paris France, at one of the finest hotels in the city.  Two men get out of a taxi and walk in the front door and to the front desk.  The first is tall slender with short cut curly brown hair and light blue eyes.  He is dressed in a gray three piece suit and carries a metal briefcase.  His name is Peter.  The second man is slightly shorter with a stocky build, short cut brown hair and light brown eyes.  He is dressed in a simple blue suit and also carries a metal briefcase with him.  His name is George.  As the bellboy pulled a cart in with their luggage Pete pulled a card out of his jacket pocket and handed it to the desk clerk.
"I believe we are expected." said Pete.
The desk clerk looked at the card, then motioned to another bellboy.  The second bellboy took the cart away from the first and pushed it toward the elevator.
"We have the penthouse suite reserved and waiting for you." said the bellboy.
Pete and George followed him into the elevator and the doors closed behind them.
"I really don't get this.  An all expense paid trip to Paris, penthouse and everything just for carrying these two briefcases." said George.
"I don't understand it either, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth." said Pete.
When the elevator stopped the bellboy led them down the hall to the first door.  The bellboy opened the door and wheeled the cart in.  He took the luggage off the cart as Pete and George looked around the large open sitting room.
"The bedrooms are through those doors, but if I may suggest, you might want to refresh yourself in the executive pool down the hall.  You will have it all yourselves since this whole floor is reserved for you." said the bellboy.
The bellboy walked out the door and closed it, then pushed the cart back toward the elevator.  He pulled a key out of his pocket and put it in the elevator control.  He turned the key and pulled off the jacket and hat of his uniform and put it on the cart, then went back to the door and stood and waited.  It only took a few minutes and the door opened.  Pete and George walked out the door but instead of their suits they both wore blue swim trunks.  The bellboy looked up and down of Pete's long legs, slender waist, flat belly, broad chest and shoulders, then George's short powerful legs, powerfully built torso with a slightly rounded belly.  He focused in on Pete's deep round navel and George's deep vertically set slot of a navel.  Neither one of the men noticed the bellboy but walked down the hall toward the door marked POOL.  The bellboy walked up behind them and drew a gun.  He put the barrel in the small of Pete's back.
"Now both of you listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you or I'm going to blow a part of your spine out of that big belly button." said the bellboy.
Pete raised his hands as George looked around nervously.
"Okay, okay.  Just take it easy.  We'll do what you want." said Pete.
"If you're going to rob us, you're going to be disappointed.  We don't have any money." said George.
"Just get back in the room." said the bellboy.
George walked slowly into the room and Pete followed him.  The bellboy kept his gun pointed at Pete as he walked over to a desk where the two briefcases lay.  The bellboy opened a drawer and pulled out a set of shackles.  He threw the shackles to Pete.
"Put these on your friend's wrists and ankles with his wrists behind his back." said the bellboy.
Pete put the shackles on George's ankles, the on his wrists behind his back.
"Now put him on the sofa." said the bellboy.
Pete helped George to walk over to a sofa and then sit down on the sofa.
"Now you sit in the chair." said the bellboy pointing at a chair in front of the sofa.
Pete sat down as the bellboy pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  The bellboy walked over to Pete and handcuffed his hands behind the chair.
"Why?" asked George.
The bellboy walked around in front of the chair and put the barrel of his gun in Pete's navel then moved it around making Pete squirm uncomfortably.  He walked over to George and pushed him down where he lay on his side on the sofa.  The bellboy ran his finger up and down over George's navel.
"I have such plans for that cute little belly button." said the bellboy as he patted George's belly.
The bellboy got up and walked over to the desk again.  He pulled out his key ring and put a key in the lock on one of the briefcases.
"You asked why.  Well first of all I'm not the bellboy, I own this hotel.  This little arrangement has been very profitable for quite some time." said the bellboy.
He unlocked the other briefcase and turned them both around, then opened them.  Pete and George both gasped as they saw the contents of the cases.  In one section of each case were clear boxes filled with diamonds, the rest of the cases were filled with money.
"The diamonds are stolen and you were kind enough to smuggle them into the country for is.  The money is one hundred thousand dollars in each the price for me killing you both." said the bellboy.
George shook his head and Pete gulped as they both realized their fate.  The bellboy walked around the desk and opened another drawer.  He pulled out a sawn off shotgun and lay it on the desk.
"What did you eat on the flight?" asked the bellboy.
"I had the fish." said George.
"Steak and potatoes." said Pete.
"Typical American.' said the bellboy with a little smirk.
He picked up the shotgun and walked to the chair.  He put his hand on Pete's arm and pulled him up to his feet.  He turned Pete toward a blank wall and put the shotgun in the small of Pete's back.
"The cleaning crew have been giving me a hard time lately, so I'm going to make a real mess for them to clean up.  In case you haven't noticed yet this shotgun was especially made.  The barrels are spaced apart so that they are on either side of your spine." said the bellboy.
"No!  No!  No!  No!" pleaded Pete as he arched his back in anticipation of what was to come.
BOOOM!  Pete closed his eyes tightly and was bent back even more as his belly exploded outwardly.
"Yaaauullgghhh!" shrieked Pete.
He opened his eyes and the last thing he saw was most of intestines and the remains of his steak and potatoes splattered on the wall in front of him.  Pete fell to his knees, then flat on his face.
"You see that's the problem with a good gutting, they die from shock so quick you don't get to do anything else." said the bellboy as he walked back to the desk.
He sat down at the desk and opened a panel on the desktop.  It had three screens with three different angles of the room and joysticks to manipulate the view.  He flipped a switch and an indicator came on each screen that said "Targeting Mode" and crosshairs appeared in the middle of the screens.  George watched as three panels opened in the walls of the room and loaded crossbows fell into place.  The bellboy manipulated each target where the focused on George's navel.
"Oh no!  Don't kill me!  Please don't kill me!" pleaded George.
The bellboy pushed a red button on the panel.  SHLUMP!  George closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth as three arrows slid into his belly button.  One went straight in, one came from the side of the room at his feet and went in below the first one angled up into his guts, and the third was fired from near his head and his above the first arrow angled down into belly.
"Ooohhhhh!" screamed George as he tried to bend over.
The bellboy got up and walked back over to Pete.  He used his foot to roll Pete over on his back.
"Oh well, fun time's over.  I suppose I'll just have to wait for your replacements." said the bellboy as he walked over to the corner and picked what looked like a golf putter.
The head was thicker and flat on the bottom.  He pulled a hammer off a hook above where the putter had been.  He lay the flat end of the apparatus on the middle of his chest and it cradled into the curve made by his ribs and breastbone.
"What are you doing?" asked George.
"Oh he's not dead yet.  He's in shock and doesn't have a lot of time left, but this will make it quicker." said the bellboy.
The bellboy drew the hammer back and drove it down onto the top of the pole.  Pete's whole body stiffened and he let out a clicking sound deep in his throat.  George groaned as he watched Pete's pretty blue eyes open and then roll upward as blood ran from the corner of his mouth.
"In case you're wondering, this little device of my own design sits right down on your sternum.  One good whack with a hammer and your breastbone shatters like an egg shell.  That sends shards of bone flying into your lungs and heart, and well as you can see your friend is now quite dead." said the bellboy.
He walked over to the sofa and put the metal head against George's chest.
"Oh no no no!" groaned George as he tried to squirm away.
The bellboy reached down and grabbed the middle arrow in George's navel and gave it a hard twist.
"Uuunnhhggggghhh!" screamed George.
"Now lay still and die." said the bellboy as he lay the head on George's sternum again.
He drew the hammer back and drove it into the pole.  George's eyes went wide and his whole body stiffened.
"Oh!" gasped George as he went limp.
Blood ran from the corner of his mouth as he stared wide eyed at his killer.  The bellboy went back to the desk and picked up the receiver on the phone.  He tapped in a number and waited for the other person to pick up.
"I have received the shipment and I enjoyed the couriers immensely.  Send me some more like these two." said the bellboy.
He hung up the phone, closed the briefcases, and carried them out the door.

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  Knifed in the Navel
Posted by: Male Navel - 07-21-2021, 11:47 PM - Forum: Videos - Replies (5)

Bullseye! Smile 
From U.S Seals II - 2001

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  Who is this actor?
Posted by: Male Navel - 07-21-2021, 06:21 PM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

I just found a couple of clips with him from some 80s movie, the movie looks like it's gonna feature some stabs, but i cant find the movie nor his name

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Posted by: jaygorbellied - 07-21-2021, 05:25 PM - Forum: The Meeting Place - Replies (9)

    Hi, I thought I'd pack up the courage to introduce and post a picture of myself. I'm relatively new to this forum. I'm almost 30. I'm real timid since this is my first time ever interacting with guys who have similar fetishes.
I started having these fetishes as a kid. I would get aroused getting mud on my stomach while playing outside. After seeing the movie Alien, I would fantasize an alien coming out of my guts. I would also pretend sometimes batteries were bullets and that I'd get shot in my bellybutton. Etc..
As I got older, my main fetish was gut punching which led to navel stabbing/torture fantasies. I stumbled across the arenafighter blog, which then led me here.
I am very glad to see that I'm not the only one with these fantasies. I look forward to open up more and connect with others on this forum.

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  Nailing suited guys - Showdown in Little Tokyo.
Posted by: Male Navel - 07-19-2021, 08:09 PM - Forum: Videos - No Replies

Always liked Lundgren's ability to nail guys in this scene. Smile

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