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  Multiple Male Gutstabbings.
Posted by: Male Navel - 7 hours ago - Forum: Videos - No Replies

All of these sexy dudes in uniforms get their guts destroyed.

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  Naked Warrior -- Battle Failed with Angel Lust
Posted by: Winkie77 - Yesterday, 10:42 PM - Forum: Naked Warrior Battles by Winkie - Replies (1)

            A few new edits with Angel Lust at the Moment of Death

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  My Dream job :D
Posted by: Male Navel - Yesterday, 06:18 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (2)

I guy can dream. Smile

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  Jungle Outpost #4
Posted by: BattlesandDeaths - 01-20-2021, 05:50 PM - Forum: Jungle Outpost Series - No Replies

        Broderick was the strongest man in the unit.  Before the war, he was a professional bodybuilder.  He had gone with the small group of soldiers down to the river for a quick bath and cool-down.  He noticed Marten's boat was drifting away.  Thinking Marten was asleep, he figured he had better get over to him and bring him back before he ended up down river.  He waded down the river to where Marten's boat was.  When, he got there, he found Marten dead.  "Oh, Fuck!"  the soldier yelled.  His heart raced in his broad muscular chest.  "GUYS,,,,,,,  HELP!!!!!"
        Broderick had barely let the words escape when an enemy ninja popped out of the water in front of him and buried dagger deep in the soldier's gut.  The soldier let out a loud grunt and his eyes widened as the blade pierced his muscular abs and sank into the softer tissue underneath.  The assassin admired the young soldier's physique as his muscles twiched in his midsection.  

        The crisp, sharp pain in the soldier's belly was short-lived and gave way to a numbing the fully encompassed his body as his once powerfully strong physique slumped like a wasted pile of meat in the river.

[Image: 5%2Blakeshore%2Bmuscle.jpg]

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Photo A Stormy Night
Posted by: Chadzormick - 01-20-2021, 12:07 AM - Forum: Stories - Replies (2)

The front door to the old country home crashed open, startling Taylor awake. The wind howled and lightning flashed through the windows illuminating his bedroom.

He placed his bare feet to the cold wooden floors, rubbing his eyes awake. He gently removed the sheets from his lap, the warm summer air touched his bare skin. He stood naked as thunder clapped, shaking the old home and lightning illuminated the room again. He reached over to his end table and flicked on a lamp. The lamp light warmed the room in an orange glow, he looked down at his toned body, his limp large dick hanging between his legs, and his bare feet on the wooden floors.

Another crash echoed through the home. With no time to get dressed, he turned on his heels and exited his bedroom still bare naked, grabbing a baseball bat on the way out. Taylor crouched and tiptoed down the hallway, the old wooden floor creaking queitly beneath every step. Each lightning bolt illuminated his body in blue light, his hands tense around the hilt of the bat, each fiber of muscle visible in arms and crouched legs. Claps of thunder reverberated soon after.

He approached the top of the stairs and peeked down the steps towards his entry door. The door was wide open, the wind howled into his foyer, blowing his curtains around violently, each bolt of lightning and clap of thunder seemed more violent than the previous one.

Taylor tiptoed down the stairs, his torso tight and ready for combat, the bat held high and ready to swing. His large cock dangled between his legs as he walked into the foyer.

The wind howled through his home, dishevling his already dishevled brown hair. He looked from the foyer into the study and into the living room. He relaxed some, loosening his shoulders, standing straight, and lowering the bat to his. He closed the front door, it slammed shut and he locked the deadbolt. More silence in the house now as the lightning continued to flash and the thunder rumbled.

He flicked on a lamp in the foyer, the room now illuminated his body in an orange glow. He sighed, relieved figuring the storm had blown open the door. He leaned the baseball bat on the entry table and walked towards the kitchen. His tall form was framed in the foyer, the warm glow illuminating his v-shaped back, dimples above his large naked butt, his thick hairy thighs and calves stepped into the kitchen.

Taylor noticed a quick motion in the dark kitchen, much too late to react. A stabbing pain engulfed his abdomen as another man appeared before him. Taylor pushed away and stepped back in shock, he looked down the center crease of his six-pack to see a large kitchen knife impaled inches inside of him just above his belly button. He stumbled backwards, feeling the cold steel inside of him. His butt collided with the entry table, he grabbed it with his hands bracing himself, looking at his impaled stomach in disbelief.

    [Image: 31HRBQdx-hL.jpg]

The man followed Taylor, he grabbed the hilt of the knife and pulled it out. Taylor felt as the steel sucked out his gut, his skin and abdominal muscles gripped the blade forcing the man to tug harder. He watched as the bloody tip escaped him, only for it to be forced back into his stomach violently again.

Taylor yelled in agony as he swung a punch at the invader. His right hand knocked the man in the cheek, sending him backwards and teetering off balance. "Aggh fuck!!" Taylor yelled as he pushed away from the table, standing in the warm orange light of the foyer, he looked down at his stomach in disbelief. The kitchen knife was inches inside of him, he could feel a deep burning sensation in his gut, and could taste iron in his mouth. He teetered a bit as he continued to look at his torso in disbelief, he watched in surprise as his large cock rose gently.

The invader stepped forward again, grabbing the hilt of the blade with his left hand. "you motherfucker!" Taylor yelled, as he backed away. The blade slid out of him, caked in his blood. He felt as it suctioned out of his belly, clamoring backwards, he put his hands to his wound as blood spilled between his fingers. He felt his cock pulsating and erect at 7 inches.

Confused, Taylor dropped his hands to his side and looked down at his torso. Blood pooled out of the slit in his gut, pooling into his navel, through his pubes, and around his erect cock. The invader approached him again, the knife in his left hand and with his right hand he grabbed Taylor's cock. He began to stroke it gently, using the blood that pooled around it as a lubricant. He placed the tip of the blade in Taylor's belly button. "Ugh fuck, no please, no!", Taylor groaned as he felt the tip of the knife gently penetrate his navel. He fruitlessly tried to keep the man from penetrating him further, but he dropped his hands and felt an odd pleasure as the man continued to stroke him as the knife gently eased into him. He felt the bloody steel as it sank inch by inch into his belly button "Uhh, ughhh", he moaned as the man stroked his cock.

The invader pressed the blade in violently, to the hilt, Taylor felt as it pierced through his dense back muscles and the skin on his back, penetrating all the way through him. His cock exploded up his abdomen, his hot white cum squirting in impressive amounts, over and over. "Ughh, ahh fuck, yes, ugh. JESUS!" Taylor screamed as his seed escaped him and he felt the entire blade being pulled out of him again. He felt as the steel sucked through his gut, pulling at his muscles and organs as they clenched around the invading object, his seed continued to spill up and over his stomach, mixing with the blood. As the knife escaped him, Taylor collapsed to his knees in exhaustion.

"fuuuuck" he moaned as he looked down at his bloodied torso, the two entry wounds from the knife, one above is navel and one through it, bled profusely, pooling around his still enlarged cock as it leaked white cum to the floor beneath him.

He looked up at the invader, he tasted iron and felt as blood dripped from his mouth, his vision faded and he collapsed to the floor.

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  Double Harakiri
Posted by: Male Navel - 01-18-2021, 02:34 AM - Forum: Videos - No Replies

Two Navels with one sword. Smile

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  The Induction
Posted by: Gutted Gladiator - 01-17-2021, 08:11 PM - Forum: Gutted Gladiator's stories - No Replies

Here's "The Induction" -- thanks!

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  Well dressed gladiator
Posted by: WarriorPenis - 01-17-2021, 05:17 PM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

This is all the protection a warrior should wear.

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  Three blades are always better then one!
Posted by: andrewsnuff - 01-16-2021, 10:45 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (1)

I fantasize laying like this and then stabbed just like this. Anyone want to pull this out and plunge it down again and again?

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  Young Soldiers trained to accept death...
Posted by: GutKnife - 01-16-2021, 07:11 PM - Forum: The Works of GutKnife - Replies (3)

Young Soldiers trained to accept death..  It is time.. bayonets in the abdominal meat..   GUT UP !!!!!

Here are the pics

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